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Jenn photo 100 x150Jennifer G.

My Super Powers: Able to respond to 482 emails in one day (and still have a full inbox); understands “geek speak” and English; serious multi-tasking skills (start the timer, wrap the headset in saran wrap, begin the virtual conference call, beg off after 45 minutes to wash off the hair coloring); can hold a headstand for 3 full minutes, or until a child decides she’d be a good target for rubber-band shooting practice.

Something you never thought you would say: “If you thought the dog smelled bad, you should have told me.  Daddy loves the dog, but he doesn’t like to share his deodorant with her”.

Favorite Things: My 3 super-fun boys, traveling all over the world (especially to Amsterdam), the color orange, trying out new tech tools, painting, driving on icy roads, teachable moments, Mexican food, yoga, and making lists that get lost.

Christina S.Christina S.

My Super Powers: The ability to hear the cookie jar opening, while in the basement, doing laundry. Simultaneously update multiple Twitter and Facebook accounts. Turning a penny into a nickel. Homeschooling high school!!!!

Something you never thought you would say: Oh, believe me, there’s nothing I would “never say”.

Favorite Things: My children!!!! My husband, My church, Knitting, Baking, A Clean House

Where you’ll find me: Homeschooling in Detroit

Christina’s Blog Posts

GabbyGabriele H.

My Super Powers: I am the CEOICOE (Chief Executive Officer in Charge of Everything) in our home, and my most trying ‘employee’ is my husband! I am a major multi-tasker online and usually have Photoshop running, at least 3 chat windows open (discussing work, play) and have no less than 5 tabs open!

Something you never thought you would say: “Hey, you kept your pants on all day! YAY!!”

Favorite Things: my sweet boy, living in NC, graphic design, letterboxing adventures, traveling, the everyday moments that pass by too quickly

Where you’ll find me: The Work of Childhood

Crystal PCrystal P.

My Super Powers: I don’t know if it’s a superpower or a psychiatric disorder, but I love teaching middle school. I’ll leave that decision up to you.

Something you never thought you would say: I do.”  The second time. I’m kinda glad I did though. :-)

Favorite Things: My kids, my husband, my friends. The ordering of those depends on the day. Oh and… teaching, writing, watching my oldest daughter dance, watching my son and second daughter play soccer, supporting local artists, sitting in coffee shops, cooking (not cleaning), going out to dinner, and shopping online.

Where you’ll find me: Crystal’s Thoughts

Crystal’s Blog Posts

julieJulie C.

My Super Powers: My first child would not nurse when she was born. Despite the fact that my mother is a lactation consultant and came home to live with me for weeks to help us try and figure things out, my strong willed firstborn daughter still refused. I was determined to make sure that she got the good stuff so I pumped my breast milk for her until she was nearly a year old, sometimes pumping 8 times a day. But that’s not the superpower part. I was also working full time and was traveling a lot and so, being the multitasker that I am, I came up with a system to pump hands free WHILE DRIVING. It involved a cigarette lighter adapter and a hands free bra and a lot of nerve while driving through rush hour traffic. :)

Something you never thought you would say: “DO NOT MAKE ME PULL THIS VAN OVER!”

Favorite Things: The best things in life are not things. I love Jesus, my husband, and my kids and try to remember daily to count all of my many blessings.

Where you’ll find me: The Clark Chronicles

bethanyBethany L.

My Super Powers: organizing, teaching, helping new homeschoolers, and editing

Something you never thought you would say: “I can help you learn fractions!”

Favorite Things: music, reading, sailing, history, surfing the internet, and spending time with my family and friends (not necessarily in that order)

Where you’ll find me: Confessions of an Organized Homeschool Mom and The Tutor

Ashley P

Ashley P.

My Super Powers: I’m a SAHM/WAHM mom of two littles who has WAY too much on her plate most of the time. I homeschool my 2yo (quasi-kindergarten curriculum), blog, create units for Lesson Pathways, teach the Ladies’ Bible Study at my church, sing in the praise team at church, search out the best deals with coupons and sales, and more. I love to stay busy to keep myself out of “trouble”!

Something you never thought you would say: “I hate shopping.” As a child, I LOVED to shop. Now I dread shopping trips.

Favorite Things: Dark chocolate, salty snacks, Diet Pepsi, a good book, writing, quiet, alone time, Autumn…

Where you’ll find me: APFreeWriting101

Lillian F.

My Super Powers: The ability to respond to simultaneous questions/requests from a husband and two children from three rooms away!  The ability to meditate with two cats trying to distract me.

Something you never thought you would say: “Yes, you can have one more cat.”

Favorite Things: Gardening, Boating, Swimming, Meditating, Laughing, blueberries picked in Maine, lobsters eaten in Maine

Where you’ll find me: unlinked at the moment ( I guess that’s better than being unhitched!)

HeadShotBrownAngela E.

My Super Powers: Multi-tasking in my sleep, with one hand tied behind my back.

Something you never thought you would say: “Do NOT smear that poo on your sister!”

Favorite Things: Writing, Blogging, Helping other succeed at their goals and dreams, Playing with my kids, Watching my kids play with eachother, A good massage. :-)

Where you’ll find me: http://angengland.com

Lee Ann T.Lee Ann T.

My Super Powers: Listening to and connecting with my students helping to foster Christian growth in my daughter being the best wife and mother that I can be :)

Something you never thought you would say: The ubiquitous “because I said so!” That has come out of my mouth more often than I care to admit.

Favorite Things: My family, my time with God, research and planning lessons on the computer, spending time with my daughter, family vacations and reading a good book.

Where you’ll find me: itsfamilytime@blogger.com

Colette D.Colette D.

My Super Powers: Able to withstand the tornado (a.k.a my 9 year old daughter) peeling through my house daily, leaving in her path bits of paper, cardboard, fabric, markers, glitter, homemade books, and flour (?)  ~ oh my!  Homeschooling a busy, creative, hands-on learner is a messy business.

Something you never thought you would say: “I am a geek and proud of it!”

Favorite Things: I am a Jane Austen Fanatic…I love rereading her novels and reading contemporary Jane Austen-inspired fiction.  I am addicted to fabric, sewing, and quilting.  I must take daily nature walks or I suffer withdrawals.  You can often find me in the kitchen baking something sweet.  (and of course I adore my family!)

Where you’ll find me: http://yearofhandmade.wordpress.com/

Jody N.Jody N.

My Super Powers: My superpower is juggling!  “What,” do you ask, “is the biggest juggling feat I have ever accomplished?”  Why come over any day and I will perform my best trick for you!!   “What is it?” you say.   Why the juggling of 2 homeschooled kids whom I am determined to bring joy and fun to daily, one guipper on the way, a website company, writing of a book, creation of “mommy jewelry”, drop in daycare kids, the happy management of a home and loving of my spouse, and heck, for the grand finale why don’t I start contributing to a Homeschool Blog for a company that I strongly believe in their product?

Something you never thought you would say: To my son…. “Ready to jump on the couch and count to 20?” And now I say it every day, the number just gets bigger :) But, shhhh…. Don’t tell Daddy :) :)

Favorite Things: My husband and family, teaching the Preschool large group at my Church, the great outdoors, animals, creativity, learning and laughter.

Where you’ll find me: www.westmichiganhomeschoolers.com

Jody’s Blog Posts

Shalynne A.Shalynne A.

My Super Powers: I’m a happily married stay at home momma who’s just embarking on her homeschooling adventures. My superpowers include, but are not limited to: wielding a lightsaber, building pretty awesome forts, changing diapers at the speed of sound and making boo boo’s disappear magically with Band-Aids.

Something you never thought you would say: “You don’t need to see. You’re going to sleep!”

Favorite Things: A few of my favorite things are writing, playing with my kids, scrapbooking, playing the piano, summer, reading, watching TV with the hubby, singing, cooking, sci-fi stuff and photography.

Where you’ll find me: http://www.wonderfullychaotic.com

Lyn L.Lyn L.

My Super Powers: Indestructible Positivity

Something you never thought you would say: I never knew I’d be thanking my mom for teaching me some of her parenting skills. I did and do.

Favorite Things: My kids, my laptop computer, and the magic of life.

Where you’ll find me: http://www.parentsuccessfully.com/

christmas 10-3Christy V.

My Super Powers: Knowing the answer to the question, “Mommy, do you know where my…..is?”  in two guesses or less.  .

Something you never thought you would say: “Hello, Poison Control?” “My son just ate a packing peanut…”;  “Don’t eat Pepper’s food, it’s only for cats!” ;  “Hello, Poison Control?” “My 6 yr old daughter just sucked out the entire contents of a tube of lip gloss…”

Favorite Things: God’s grace and mercy, the laughter of my family, good friends, Snickers bars, springtime, homemade bread and a good book.

Where you’ll find mewww.eclecticmomma.blogspot.com

‘I love using cloth diapers.’
‘I’ll call you back-I gotta go feed the goats.’
‘We homeschool.’

Sonita LSonita L.

My Super Powers: Love.

Something you never thought you would say: “I love using cloth diapers!”; “I’ll call you back, I’ve gotta go feed the goats.”; “We homeschool.”

Favorite Things: My Family, homeschooling, blogging, cooking, photography, graphic design, being pregnant, labor and delivery, breastfeeding my babies, when my hubby rubs my back, when your child learns to hug you back, when someone’s eyes light up when they see you, children’s laughter, the smell of my kids’ hair, driving with the windows down and the radio up, dancing when no one’s looking, fireworks, ice cream from the ice cream truck, sleeping in, knowing you did the right thing, birthday cards…..

Where you’ll find mehttp://childledhomeschool.com

‘I love using cloth diapers.’
‘I’ll call you back-I gotta go feed the goats.’
‘We homeschool.’

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