Do you want to be part of a homeschooling study?

You’ve shopped around a lot to find the right program for your child. Here’s a chance to help other parents when they start on the same journey.

Calvert Education is putting their curriculum to the test by hiring independent researchers to conduct a double blind study of the effectiveness of their program.

Volunteers for the study will be randomly placed into either a Calvert program or given the opportunity of using another program of their choice. Volunteers who participate in the study are compensated. Anyone placed into the Calvert test group will receive a total of 50% off their curriculum, instructional support, and enrollment fees. Basically, off their entire order. Anyone randomly placed into the control group will receive free diagnostic online testing (a value of $100), and $120 at the completion of the study.  This is a great opportunity to be part of something notable and hopefully groundbreaking. In addition, getting compensated just sweetens the pot. If you are interested, learn more and apply here.

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