Have you considered Calvert School? The greatest joy of homeschooling is helping your child achieve mastery while keeping his or her thirst for knowledge alive. If you’re like many of us, however, the constant need to plan and create lessons just gets in the way. Without this time-consuming chore, you could have more time to do the actual teaching, more time with your family, and more time for yourself. That’s the gift Calvert School offers in its proven-effective curriculum.

For a short time, Calvert is offering 10% off your grade level course, in fact off your ENTIRE order. No matter if you pay in full or use their payment plan option, you save! But hurry, this offer expires 8/31/11!

Calvert School

Calvert School’s curriculum is world-renowned, serving more than 600,000 students since 1906. Whether you are new to homeschooling, or a seasoned homeschool veteran, Calvert School can work with you to tailor a program to fit your child’s needs. The Calvert educational experience:

  • Blends traditional and 21st century educational resources
  • Provides easy-to-use lesson manuals
  • Includes online resources such as BrainPop, Discovery Education STREAMING videos, Aha!Math,
    e-Textbooks, instructional videos, and more
  • Delivers a foundation of reading, writing and math tailored to your child’s ability
  • Integrates content across all subject areas so your child is prepared to master a topic and succeed
  • Provides world-class support to ensure YOUR success!

Learn more about Calvert School and their Summer Savings Sale.

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