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Yes Kids Can

Try out the “Lifting Soldiers’ Spirits Community Service Project Kit” from Yes Kids Can! The kit contains arts and crafts activity for decorating pillowcases for wounded soldiers. This is ideal for a family, school, or scout service project.

Urban BirdsCelebrate Urban Birds

Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology is offering you the opportunity to become a bird observer! Get your free kit and collect information about the birds you observe in your neighborhood.

Blackline Maps of World History Free Sampler

Currclick is offering this free sampler of Blackline Maps of World History. This includes maps from time periods including First Cities and Ancient Civilizations, Middle and New Kingdoms of Egypt, the Norman Conquests and Medieval China, Native American Tribal Groups, the Expansion of Sweden and Italy United and the British Empire.

Free Webinar about Emergency Preparedness for Families presents the Fire Station Buddies free Webinar about Emergency Preparedness for Families. The date is March 29th and space is limited, so register today.

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