Flower BudIt seems like we’ve all been infected with the dreaded Spring Fever around here. The malady that comes this time of year when the weather starts teasing us. Warming up just enough to give us thoughts of running barefoot in the grass on a warm sunny day. The only problem is…it’s still winter in most parts of the U.S. and school is a long time from being over. Our visions of great things happening in our school day, sadly are pushed into “What great things can I do NEXT YEAR?”

There is still hope for this year…I’ve found a couple of remedies for Spring Fever, I’d like to share with you to help breathe some fresh life into school time.

Science Fair Projects

Let your students pick their own projects and explore a new topic area. There are great websites out there with projects just right for any age. My son wants to make a solar oven and explore the different kinds of foods he can cook. We can use this interest to branch out into learning about other energy sources.

Plant something

It’s just about the right time to start seedlings indoors for your spring/summer garden. Take your kids to the store and let them pick out something they want to grow (and hopefully eat). Experiment with different containers to see which seeds grow best in which containers. Measure the seedlings height and compare their growth.

Theme Days

Have a pajama day where everyone does all their work in their pj’s. Game day…where you play “educational” games for the day. Make up silly days. Get your kids involved and let them come up with some themes. You’d be surprised at what kind of fun they can imagine.

Field trips

Now is the perfect time to plan some field trips in your community. Don’t limit yourself to the normal field trips. Find a small business owner who might be willing to give you a tour of their shop. Visit your local library’s story hour. Recently our library had a story hour that was advertised for younger children, but we went with our 3rd and 4th graders, who had a blast.

Nature Walks and Nature Journals

Let’s face it, when the weather gets nice, we all just want to be outside. Take advantage of this by going on some nature walks. Make up simple scavenger hunts—colors, types of flowers, etc. Pull out all your nature guides and see what you find. Dig up a shovelful of dirt and dump it on a poster board. Sketch all the signs of life there. Go on a hike and have kids stop as much as they’d like. The slower the better.

Join forces!

Get together with some other families for a day of learning activities. We just had a friend over for a couple of hours to learn all about Roman Numerals. Learning is always more fun with friends.

Unit Studies

Feeling bogged down in history and science….it’s time to do a unit study on a topic of interest. I have been using Lesson Pathways for my history and science this year. If I feel a need for change, I just look up our grade level to find a new interesting subject to study. It’s great and easy, too.

Don’t let Spring Fever take the joy out of your school year.
There’s a remedy just right for you!

Christy V. lives in the Smoky Mountains with her husband and children. She is a former Music Teacher but absolutely loves homeschooling her kids. She loves reading, singing, hiking and blogging. You can follow her blog at www.eclecticmomma.blogspot.com.

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