American FlagsIn 1918, at the eleventh hour, of the eleventh day, of the eleventh month, fighting ceased in World War I. Veterans Day (November 11) is a day to honor veterans living and dead who have sacrificed so much to protect our country and our freedom. This year, with our armed forces fighting enemies overseas and at home, honoring Veterans Day is even more significant.

Veterans Day Lessons

Patriotism is a value that must be taught and modeled for our children. Devoting time to give special consideration to our national holidays will give these days a deeper sentiment to your children, a greater appreciation for our freedom, in addition to developing proud citizens of our country. Sharing a brief history of Veterans Day with your child will help them understand this is more than just a day off work or school for most.

It’s important to teach our children about the cost of our freedom. Our national war memorials are a tangible way for our children to visualize the cost of lives lost. The Veteran’s Memorial Stepping Stone will explore the Veterans Memorial Museum of the wars of the 20th century. Share the video and read the text with your child.

Activities for Fun and Learning

Hands-on activities make learning more memorable and more fun. Here are some activities to share with your child:

The Star Spangled Banner
Our Flag
Patriotic Stained Glass
Lets Say Thanks

Tools for Learning

Use these worksheets, online games and other tools to teach your child about our country and patriotism.

Veterans Day Statistics and Timelines
About the Flag
Online Veterans Day Quiz
Online Games & Activities – Requires Flash
Veterans Day Word Search

Video Resources

These videos will further explain Veterans Days and how your family can get involved to support our Veterans.

Veterans Day 2010
Gratitude Campaign

Every day and particularly on Veteran’s Day, we should remember and honor the sacrifices of our military men and women. For more information about Veterans visit The American Legion website.

Did we miss an awesome resource?  Let us know your favorite in the comments section below!

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